IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE) · Shanghai2020-11-17

International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE) · Suzhou (IOTE Spring for short), a professional exhibition of the whole industry chain of Internet of Things with great scale, influence and authority in East China, will be moved to Shanghai from April 21 to 23, 2021, and will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in Pudong New Area, Shanghai at the same time as Nepcon Electronics China (Nepcon China). The total exhibition area will reach nearly 50,000 square meters, and 3 exhibition halls will be opened, and over 700 exhibitors from all over the world are brought together.


Cooperation of powerful enterprises · a new starting point

With the empowerment of Shanghai, a super-first-tier technology city, IOTE and Nepcon China will adhere to the development philosophy of cooperation, alliance, development, strengthening, specialization and refinement, and make every effort to build a platform for high-tech technologies such as IOT to display and exchange, realize the integration and linkage of upstream and downstream industries in the IOT industry chain, and present a more specialized new look with higher quality to the industry.

Constant promising areas · new business opportunities

With the tide of “new infrastructure” rolling in, 5G matures gradually, the construction of smart cities is spread across the country gradually, and the IOT industry is pushed forward rapidly. Under the four architecture layers of the IOT: perception layer, transport layer, platform layer and application layer, many IOT enterprises do their best to form the prosperous IOT industry, which also promotes the prosperity of the IOT industry.

Why attend IOTE?

Acquire orders efficiently: low-cost contact with cooperative customers, less workload, high quality, high signing rate and harmonious customer relationship;

Connect global professional sellers: save time - get twice the result with half the effort, get to know a large number of potential customers, and learn the most direct needs of customers in different regions;

Build brand accurately and quickly: there is more news, which attracts media attention and great competitive advantage - show products and strength, and teach customers to try products or feel services;

Grasp the new industrial products and industry trends: consolidate the influence and share of enterprises in the industry, and investigate the market of products and services;

About IOTE

Operate professionally - focus on the whole IOT industrial chain, and combine the first batch of professional exhibition companies under the State Council for fifteen years to create the exclusive registered brand of “IOTE” jointly.

A complete industrial chain - focus on the refinement and implementation IOT market, pay attention to the implementation of various industries, resource integration, cross-field cooperation and customized services.

Large-scale - created in 2009, it is an interactive platform of global IOT people with 2 exhibitions a year, covering 70,000 square meters, displays of more than 1000 brands, and more than 100,000 professional audiences.


A Complete industry chain

Covers the Internet of Things perception, network transmission, computing and platform, and application layer, and application integration-oriented contemporaneous exhibitions focusing on 5G, new infrastructure, smart cities, industrial IoT, and other core IoT applications.

High-quality conferences leading the development trend of the industry

More than 20 professional forums covering the Internet of Things, rfid, wireless communications, Internet of Things standards, sensors, etc.

High-quality order procurement platform

100,000 industry elites and over 4,000 overseas product solution buyers gather together, the best platform for the industry

Enterprise brand accelerator

Star of the IoT, IOTE Gold Award, covering 10,000+ companies, 1 million+ industry professionals, gathering 300+ medias to create the most influential IoT corporate brand!

Professional visitors, Eleven years of experience of holding IoT exhibition, accumulating professional people in the IoT industry

International exhibition, gathering overseas buyers from 59 countries and regions, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States etc.

Exhibition publicity

More than 300 cooperative media outlets carry out all-round publicity and follow-up reports before, during and after the exhibition.

eDM promotion covers 15 major application industries and reaches 350,000 professional buyers and audiences accurately. The number of SMS messages delivered in the whole year is 3.2 million

There are more than 70 self-owned communities, so it can locate scenes in different fields accurately, exchange technology and recommend projects for cooperation!

On-the-spot interview: More than 20 well-known online media organizations, print media organizations and TV media organizations conduct on-the-spot enterprise interviews and exhibition reports.

Welcome to visit IOTE In April!

April 21-23, 2021Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 3

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