2021 The 15th The largest and most comprehensive internet of things exhibition in Asia
International Internet of Things Exhibition

April 21-23, 2021
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 3

About IoTE

As the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia, 2021 The 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held on April 21-23, 2021 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 3. It's expected to be a complete showcase of IoT industry chain with more than 700 exhibitors. It showcases the whole IoT industry chain, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT. It exhibits the technologies of RFID, sensor network, short-range communication, financial mobile payment, middle-ware, big data processing, Cloud, real-time locating, and etc; It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, smart grid, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance, military, asset management, apparel, library, smart city, environment monitoring.

For the consecutive nine years, the leading event has become the biggest and the most comprehensive IoT event with annual 21% growth rate. Last year, the number of exhibitors is growing from 706 to over 726, the visitors are from 116512 to 118681. So far, RFID manufacturers including global leading brands Alien,Tatwah Smartech,Invengo, Alien, Mühlbauer, ST, Fudan Microelectronics, Sato, Denso, Fujitsu,Zebra,Murata and UPM, and other IoT global companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Intel,Telit, Sensoro, Baidu, Gizwits, NXP, Fujitsu, Invengo, Postek, Aisino, Legic China, Trimble-ThingMagic, Alien, NB-IoT Alliance, China Unicom, Lierda, Xlink, ACS Tech, BEONE, Ing Dan, Zigbee Alliance, Figigantic,Security & Fire, Umeinfo, AMN, and etcs, are expected to participate IoTE 2021.


Highlights of IOTE 2021

2021 The 15th China International Internet of Thing Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia. It showcases the whole IoT industry chain, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT.

  • Application Integration Oriented,provides a effective platform for the interaction.
  • 500+ Major Medias to give IoTE continuous reporting coverage both online and offline.
  • A complete showcase of IoT industry chain, sensing layer, transport layer and applications layer.
  • International, professional buyers from 59 countries and areas.
  • More than 20 top conferences & forums,leading Industry Trends.

Conference of IOTE 2021


Exhibitiors of IoTE 2021


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IOTE 2021

* 21,569 professional visitors on site, the visitor flow is 538,56 , Compared to last expo, the number of visitor grows by 26.5%.96% of it are professional visitors.

Visitors Say

Exhibitors Say

Kuanglili, Marketing Manager of Postek
The development scale and growth of IoT industry has rapidly in recent years, and the market prospect is very broad.IOTE has been the industry's most professional exhibition, and played a link role in provided the latest and most professional information for the global IoT industry.As a IoT RFID print solutions provider of technology leadership and service efficiency, Postek participates in the exhibition every year, and displayed its brand Postek and related RFID label printer, Postek RFID printer is automatic sorting system necessary printing equipment which supports 12 mm height ultra small electronic label printing and anti metal flexible label printing, and guarantees 100% electronic label pass rate.Postek hopes that the IOTE will continue to be the platform which is professional, service flexibility and provide a more comprehensive and mature IOTE technology and applications platform to exhibitors and audiences.
Lulu Chen, Marketing Director of Invengo
“The expo provides a high-effective platform for Invengo to showcase our leading RFID apparel & retail solution, and communicate with clients face to face. This year, we debut Invengo global RFID apparel & retail personalized solution and its products & services, including supply chain and store management, label printing and data management, it attracts much more domestic and international professional visitors than we expected. High-quality visitors, reasonable layout, excellent expo service, we think highly of IoTE, and will continue our cooperation in future, see you in IoTE 2020.”
Shuxian Lu, Marketing Director of Mango
“With the help of this leading exhibiting platform, we are exhibiting a series of new products and new applications, to provide clients with high-performance, market-oriented product. We attracts many potential buyers in the three-day exhibition. Mango will continue devoting itself in IoT industry, best wishes to IoTE”
FeiCao Yun, General Manager of Clou Electronic
“IoTE is an annual festival for IoT industry, we can see the development of IoT industry every year, the good thing is the number of buyer, system integrator and enthusiasts is growing, people who came to consult product and seek solution are more professional, which means RFID now is becoming universal in China”
Peng Wu, Sale Director, MüHLBAUER
“This is our fourth time to attend IoTE, we exhibits IC card thermographic printing machine and RFID label personalized equipment, attracts a lot attention from exhibitors and visitors. IoTE is the largest and most professional IoT expo in Asia, not only we can showcase our latest product and technology, but also we can communicate with our old friends and new clients, and get to know the situation of our competitors, MüHLBAUER is stable, long-term client of IoTE.”
Wei Zhang, Sale Director of Chainway
“This year, we brought the full range of high-performance, industrial-strength Smart Terminals to the expo. IoTE is the largest expo of its kind, attracts major IoT companies get together to exhibit their latest products and systems. The expo is crowded with tens of thousands of visitors, it’s really a perfect platform to showcase our product, technology and new concept, it also provides a great opportunity for exhibitors to stay connected with old clients, explore new ones and catch up the latest industry trends. All these years we have built a strong strategic relationship with IoTE. “
Guangwang Zeng , General Manager of CV Microelectronic
“CV Microelectronic is professional chip manufacturer on smart card and security system, we have been participating in IoTE for many years, we have exhibited multiply chip products, includes our independently developed high-performance dual-interface security chips. IoTE provides a great communicating platform for the companies in smart identification industry, its a extremely hep for RFID development and market exploring, we wish it will be getting even better in near future.”
Ruihua Cai, General Manager of Silion
“Since 2009, Silion has been attending IoTE for 8 years. This year, the expo is expanded its exhibits range, not just about RFID, it introduces a lot new emerging IoT technologies, attracts much more international IoT companies to attend, the number of visitors is increasing significantly, especially international visitors from East-South Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. As exhibitor of 8 years, we can feel the improvement the organizer made every year. We are exhibiting our award-winning RFID module SLR5300, blue-tooth hand-held reader, receives great reviews from visitors. We are full of hope that our business will getting even better with IoTE.”
Qi Zhaoyong, General Manager of Shenzhen CaiNa
The show become better and better. And more and more professionals and Foreign visitors get involved with it. We hope IOTE constantly expand, and Internet of things industry is becoming more and more prosperous. we will do our best to bettering products and provide good services.
Yang Shuilong from STRATA:
That’s very good. IOTE have a lot of new technology. Especially in the RFID industry and Industrial-IoT, I found a lot of good suppliers, is looking for further cooperation.
Mr. Jiang from Shanghai Weiheming
IOTE is a large-scale expo and have many exhibitors, It showcases the whole IoT industry chain, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT.
Mr. Rao from Guangdong Canbo
We are here to seek out IoT solutions of Logistics & Warehousing, supply chain and asset management. I have been communicating with several exhibitors. After the show, they will do plan for us, and talk about further cooperation. We get a lot.
Mr. Zhang from Huizhou Gotodo
IOTE is becoming more and more professional. In here, we can see new technologies, products and Solutions. After the exhibition, I will continue to further communicate with exhibitors. I think it is a worthy trip.
Mr. Sheng from Haizhilan Technology
This is the third time that I attend IOTE. Exhibition services have progress than ever before, and recommended hotel is very favorable. The exhibition featured a high-profile conference program, with 10 sessions. I discuss with experts. And I think everyone's opinion is important to our project. Thanks.
Mr. Ou from Oushi Intelligence
There are a lot of information to understand the industry, the basic reflection of the current situation of the development of the Internet of things industry, I hope the future exhibitors more comprehensive.
Mr. Liu from Beijing Jiaotong Yinwu
We come to the show is in order to know the RFID production equipment, basically the influential exhibitors have come IOTE. one-time have several manufacturers of product solutions give me a reference, greatly improved my efficiency.

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 3
1099 Guo Zhan Road,Shanghai,China

April 21-23, 2021

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