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SATO to Join IOTE 2021 Spring Fair Shanghai

M&M Software to Join IOTE 2018 Spring Fair2018-04-11

M&M Software Company will join IOTE 2018 Spring Fair from April 25 to 27 with their latest products and industry solutions of the Company. The booth number is C13.

In the almost 25 years in business, M&M has gained the reputation of being a reliable partner for many renowned customers worldwide. M&M vast industry know-how is reflected in a wide range of innovative and unique software solutions that M&M have developed for and together with their customers in the factory- and process automation, maritime technology, mechanical engineering, building automation and energy technology. M&M focus on intelligent solutions for handling and monitoring (HMI), device integration, engineering systems and web applications.

M&M is the competent service provider for all matters concerning software products in the industrial automation. M&M range of offered services includes:

*Management & technology consulting

*Software development

*QA services

*IT operations & services

*Software maintenance & support.

The company’s headquarter is in St. Georgen in Germany’s Black Forest region. With existing subsidiary in Suzhou near Shanghai/China which was established in 2005, M&M do not only serve the upcoming markets in Asia, but also offer offshore development services to their customers in Europe and America in proven M&M quality to significant price advantages.


OEM fdtCONTAINER application

OEM fdtCONTAINER application makes it possible for you to have your own FDT frame application carrying your company specific branding. Bundle this frame application with your DTMs and distribute it to your customers as a complete turnkey solution for device parameterization from one source. Such a solution renders all existing proprietary configuration tools obsolete. This makes maintenance a thing of the past and reduces costs associated with software maintenance to a bare minimum.

Personalized: This frame application carries your branding to form, together with your DTMs, a homogeneous environment for device configuration. Elate your customers with highly integrated software and a uniform user experience.

Tried and tested: fdtCONTAINER application is widely used in the market today. It also forms the basis for dtmINSPECTOR, the official test and certification tool of the FDT Group. This guarantees the highest level of interoperability when used with certified DTMs.

Cost-efficient: The licensing terms and conditions for OEM fdtCONTAINER application are simple and transparent. You pay a one-time fee for branding and a fixed annual fee for distribution rights. There are no runtime license fees and you are not required to join a consortium. The price you have to pay is straightforward and without any hidden fees!

Safe for the Future: The fdtCONTAINER application is continually upgraded and further developed, for instance to new versions of the FDT Standard. This ensures that you and your customers will always have modern tooling in the future.

It is reported that 2018 (10th) China International Internet of Thing Exhibition hosted by China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance, is located at Suzhou International Expo Center. It showcases the whole IoT industry chain, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT. It exhibits the technologies of RFID, sensor network, short-range communication, financial mobile payment, middle-ware, big data processing, Cloud, real-time locating, and etc; It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, smart grid, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance, military, asset management, apparel, library, smart city, environment monitoring. It is the largest and most comprehensive internet of things exhibition in Asia.

Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

Date:April 25-27, 2018

Booth Number:C13

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