IOTE 2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition · Suzhou2019-03-18

The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Suzhou Station hosted by China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance, Shenzhen Retail Intelligence Information Industry Association, Shenzhen Smart Retail Association, Shenzhen ulink media Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yixin IOT Network Co., Ltd, was grandly opened on March 13th. Newest products and excellent solutions from more than 200 companies of Internet of Things from around the world will be displayed during the three days. More than a dozen are will to take place,attracting hundreds of industry elites to gather together at the expo.

At this exhibition, there are a lot of excellent and newest products and technologies!

The latest, most complete and most refined expo, more than 300 IoT brands

In the development progress of the Internet of Things, IoT companies at different levels of the perception layer, network transport layer, computing and platform layers, and application layers bring us products and cases from fields of smart cities, smart transportation, industry, smart grid, smart home.It is also shows logistics, comprehensive solutions and successful applications in anti-counterfeiting, personnel, vehicle, military, asset management, apparel, books, environmental monitoring.

In the data collection and sensing layer at the forefront of the IoT industry chain, many well-known brands in the RFID industry have wonderful displays. Anzhibo, Quantitative anti-metal electronic label, Bai Jieteng graphene RFID tamper-proof label; Rodin Bell, Qi Shunhong, Core Alliance's data acquisition terminal and UHF reader; Yuan Mingjie, Chi Li, Hu Desheng, Chuanqi Intelligent, Haiyuan Xinsheng, Haohao, Saiyu Electromechanical, joint RFID tag production equipment; Hande Hall, ICT, Fuliye industrial grade PDA and PAD; An's, Rongrui's integrated reader and RFID access door; Boss UHF RFID printer; Lixin's unmanned freezer and RFID intelligent data cabinet,Crown's RFID airport baggage sorting equipment One-core intelligent RFID express logistics and smart factory solutions, and other industry-specific multi-solutions.

In the field of sensors, exhibitors have brought smart sensor-based solutions to cities. For example, Nanda's five-dimensional ecological environment stereo multi-source sensing system, Laiwu's smart city refined management solution, Yanke intelligent intelligent fire-fighting special sensor, Boda Guangtong's AI intelligent sensing terminal, Dongzhou IOT Environmental intelligent sensor solution, full-sensing intelligence applied to the real-time sensor monitoring and rescue system in the hazardous industry. Tianzhitong is based on various intelligent terminals developed by the smart community, face recognition, AI security and smart retail. There are also gas sensors for use in hazardous environments such as toxic, flammable and explosive, and temperature sensors for temperature measurement in industrial and agricultural production.

IOTE 2019 attracts professional manufacturers in the field of smart retail, such as Yuetuo, Yijietong, Qiaolu, Queuing, Suzhou Zhonglun, Shangweibao, Weitu, Yuda, SiXun, Zhongshang Longfei, Chongqing Ju, Yibo, Jiatian, Yichang, ABS, Mingde, Zhibaiwei, Sanda, Intel, Yilianda, Weilingdi, Xiaofei Technology, Diwen Technology, Weituo, Shangmi, Baozi, store guys Qingdao Fangxiang, Hangzhou Lihui, etc. They showcased the latest technology products and integration solutions related to retail, such as smart POS devices, self-service cash registers, unmanned vending cabinets, electronic price tags, visual management, 3D smart printing, smart stores and other product and system integration solutions.


This exhibition also gathered a number of brand enterprises with outstanding products and excellent cases in positioning and communication, such as Hengyi High-Tech, Tang En, Wo Xu Communication, Information-Seeking Electronics, Hangzhou Platinum, Pamo Data, Wanbit Technology UWB, A-GPS, geomagnetic, base station, cellular, satellite positioning products and technical solutions brought by enterprises; such as China Telecom, Western Core Chen, Shixin Communication, Bo Shijie, Meige Intelligent, Youxunda, Sangrui Electronics, Shanghai Zhuoyu, Boda Guangtong, Youyou Interconnect, Mailong, Yanxinwei, Zhengda Xinwei, Zhongke Guoji, Jiaoxin Group, Guodian Hi-Tech, Ouke Micro, TEKTELIC, Dongri Information, Meite, Kai NB-IoT, LoRa, NFC, eSIM, Zigbee, satellite communication products brought by companies such as Ruitian, Guanle Electronics, Mailong, Qiaoen Communication, Fuda Xinjie, Dongguang Communication, Enterprise, and Hite.


This exhibition is also gathered of famous enterprises in the platform layer, excellent technology, stable network, up to computer, APICloud, QDCloud, Huijing Technology, Huateng IOT, Zhongguxin, Xinmin Industry, Pamo Data, Dan Weisi, Qilin Intelligent, Kingdee Software, Xiangqin Software and other companies have attended, they bring edge computing, cloud chips, cloud platform development, cloud data storage, cloud services, cloud platform construction, data security, industrial information, industry information Innovative products and solutions for solutions, big data related facilities and applications.


For knowledge, information and communication, more than 10 professional IoT conference activities held simultaneously


1) The 15th RFID World Conference

The RFID World Congress sponsored by brands Fujitsu Semiconductor, Boss Technology, Stora Enso, Juxing Instruments, Haier Internet of Things, etc.the conference invited 15 senior experts in RFID-related industries and key business leaders to share the latest in the world. The most representative RFID industry technology breakthrough in the year and the successful application of RFID industry innovation applications, more than 400 outstanding enterprises in the RFID industry industry chain, industry authoritative experts, RFID terminal user representatives attend this conference.


2) 2019 the 3rd China Smart Retail Digital Summit

The forum is based on the theme of “Technology-driven change data enabling retail”, sponsored by Shenzhen Retail Intelligent Information Industry Association, Shenzhen Smart Retail Association, and China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance. Intel, Tencent, Wangfujing, Shengjing Group, Qian Aunt, Micro-Land and other representatives of enterprises and retail associations attended and spoke, bringing you the most cutting-edge technology, the most advanced business model, and the most exciting success stories.

3) 2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Communication Technology and Application Summit

The communication forum invited experts from Guangdong Telecom Planning and Design Institute to share with representatives of ZTE, Advantech, Sangrui Electronics, Meg Smart, Dina Digital, etc., bringing mainstream wireless communication such as 5G, NB-IoT and LoRa. The latest information on technology will also focus on the application of communication technology.


4) 2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Sensor Summit

This Summit invited senior executives from six sensor companies, including ON Semiconductor, Zhongxing Measurement and Control, Nanda V., Huiwen Technology, Nanochip and Beiwei Sensor, to share the pain points and application practices of the sensor market in the new era. Technology trends are shared.

5) 2019 National Intelligence Committee Smart Door Lock Standard Working Group Ecological Application Summit

As the first smart door lock industry event in the opening year, this summit focused on industrial innovation and development, further explored the ecology and standards of smart door locks, and also the summit has experts from Huawei, BYD, Freedom, High Emerging, Topband, Qingwei Intelligent, National Industry and business representatives are attended to share the successful cases and smart door lock applications.

6) 2019 Suzhou International Industrial Internet of Things Application Summit

For the difficult method of industrial IoT practical application, six representative enterprises are join the summit, such as Shugen Interconnect, Kingdee Software, Oracle, Netease Research Institute, Taosi Data and Feisi Jieyue, from power, engineering, manufacturing and logistics, etc. The practical experience of industry projects with different situations is a reference for the live participants to share their forward thinking and provide the best experience.

7) 2019 Suzhou Retail Intelligent Innovation Application Conference

The conference is based on the upgrade of the retail industry. Shanghai Qiaozhan, Shenzhen Juyi, Shenzhen Ruiji, Geek Health and Suzhou Wandian Palm have demonstrated the successful implementation of new retail upgrades from multiple dimensions. .


8) 2019 Suzhou International High-precision Positioning Technology and Application Summit

This forum is composed of experts from Wuhan University, Zhejiang University, and high-tech companies such as Hengyi High-Tech, Zero-Intelligence, Oufu Communication, Zhongke Jindian, and Real Interest Information. Share with the app.

9) 2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Platform and Data Security Summit

In the era of IoT, data security is becoming more and more important, Microsoft China, Uno Technology, Arm, Huayun Data, Laiwu Information, iSoftStone, and Shenxinda represent cloud computing, cloud platform, cloud security and cloud management. and other aspects bring personalized case analysis.


10) 2019 Suzhou Internet of Things Industry Ecology Cooperation Summit

The summit was shared by experts from China Zhitong Institute, Suzhou Internet of Things Association, Op Lighting, China Telecom, Soochow Securities and other representative companies on edge computing, Internet of Things applications, and IoT corporate listing policies.


Mr. Chen, the person in charge of the exhibition, claims that the organizers of IOTE tried their best to provide docking services for both the supply and demand during this exhibition. During the expo, you may not know what to do, and some professionals, for various reasons, did not come, so just please come to IOTE 2019 Shenzhen Station and let us gather together in Shenzhen!” The 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shenzhen Station will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from July 30th to August 1st. Over 1,000 exhibitors covering the entire industry chain of the Internet of Things, 70,000 sqm exhibition areas, and more than 100,000 Internet of Things  buyers and visitors from all over the world, gathering with you to create the new future of Internet of Things.

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