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Invengo to Join IOTE 2021 Spring Fair Shanghai

Postek Electronics to Join IOTE 2021 Spring Fair Shanghai2021-01-28

The IOTE 2021 International Internet of Things Exhibition will be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen next year. The organizer specially invites industry giants to participate in the Internet of Things industry grand ceremony.

By then, the pioneer of design and innovation in the bar code/RFID printer field, Postek Electronics Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: POSTEK) will bring a new product of RFID printer. POSTEK works closely with designers from Germany and Austria to develop products that perfectly integrate art and technology, bringing a new and outstanding product style to the POSTEK brand. In short: aesthetic sense, user-friendliness, functionality and durability , You can enjoy it in the upcoming new products.

POSTEK's new RFID printer not only pays attention to the innovation of product technology, but also devotes itself to the integration of art and emotion. POSTEK puts user needs at the core of product development. By achieving a more perfect user experience, users can enjoy simpler, more convenient, stable and durable printing solutions at work, creating a pleasant working method, and conveying brand positioning and user care.


Postek Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

Booth number: 3A26

April 21-23, 2021


Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

Booth number: 1A42

August 18-20, 2021


Company Profile

As a leading printer brand in the industry, POSTEK was established in 1998 and has focused on R&D and innovation of barcode, RFID printers for more than 20 years. The brand positioning of "exquisite design, easy-to-use and durable" has allowed POSTEK to work hard and diligently study the visual information carrier intelligent printing solutions, and innovate the old.

POSTEK printers are not only well-designed, but also extremely stable and durable. In POSTEK products, more caring concepts rooted in user needs are embodied. With its outstanding and professional performance in the development and docking of printing solutions for corporate customers, POSTEK has won wide recognition from customers in the industry. In the development of intelligent production management of Chinese enterprises, POSTEK customized high-quality visual information carrier intelligent printing solutions for customers, provided professional and efficient services, reduced the operating costs of enterprise users, and helped them realize a sustainable ecological supply chain.



Introduction of UHF RFID printers and solutions


For more information about Postek’s new products and printing solutions, please visit booth 3A26 of IOTE 2021 Shanghai Station and booth 1A42 of IOTE 2021 Shenzhen Station.

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