The 11th International Internet of Things & RFID Automatic Identification Exhibition2018-12-04

The Internet of Things has ushered in an era of Internet of Everything. Information collection is the foundation of this era. In order to strengthen the foundation, the technological powers began to explore RFID technology and applications at the beginning of this century.With the maturity of technology and the rationalization of prices, RFID has been actively accepted and adopted by more and more traditional industry users. In China, IoT Media established the world's first RFID-themed industry expo platform in 2009 to showcase the results of RFID and IoT industry applications. Its selection also won the RFID annual Oscar reputation.

The application of large-scale RFID industry has quietly emerged. Smart clothing, smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart medical care etc. The technology application concept of RFID+ has been rapidly developed.New technical term is being superimposed with RFID to create a new era of sparks, such as sensors, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, mobile payment. At this time, entrepreneurs are in need of a platform with a broader vision and a strong resource integration platform to find certainty in uncertainty, show the corporate brand through the public platform of the industry fair, connect upstream and downstream resources, exchange newest technology,and promote products and solutions.

IOTE 2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance, Shenzhen Retail Business Association and Shenzhen Smart Retail Association. It will be held on March 13-15, 2019 at Suzhou to build a new technology, new products, new solutions for the Internet of Things supply and provide exchange and cooperation platform. It is also a complete display of the Internet of Things industry chain, providing innovative solutions for the Internet of Things industry through users, channel service providers, and manufacturers to creates an industry ecological chain.

Ulink Media invites industry colleagues to join the 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition of IOTE 2019 to promote new technologies, new applications and new solutions of the Internet of Things! In the turbulent new wave of wisdom, we will find our new market positioning, and use the smart technology to achieve new glory in the future in the Internet of Things market.

Exhibition Info

Date: March 13-15, 2019

Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center B1, C1 Hall

Size:18,000sqm|300+ Exhibitors|30,000+ Visitors(Solution Provider + System Integrator + Product Supplier + Service Provider + Professional Buyer)

Contents: RFID Product Line - RFID Tag Chip | RFID Tag Antenna | RFID Tag Antenna Production Equipment | Special RFID Tag | RFID Tag or Card Production Equipment | RFID Reader | RFID Handheld Terminal | PDA | RFID Reader Module | Source RFID Products | RFID Middleware and RFID Application System Solutions

Co-organizer: China Internet of Thing Industry Alliance

Shenzhen Smart Retail Association

Shenzhen Retail Business Association

Organizer : Shenzhen Ulink Media Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Yixinwulian Co., Ltd

Suzhou Zhixinwulian Co., Ltd


Main forum: 2019 The 15th RFID World Conference (400 people)

Topic: Explore RFID application scenarios to enhance RFID  user experience

Main contents of the conference:

u uGovernment-related department leaders and institutional experts interpret industry-related policies and analyze industry development opportunities

u Innovative breakthroughs in the design of readers, antennas, tags, and middleware for companies with deep influence

u Share hot and innovative applications of the RFID industry in different fields

u Explore RFID application scenarios to enhance RFID  user experience

u Corporate Presentation: RFID makes mobile IoT possible

More forums:

2019 China Internet of Things CEO Conference

2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Sensor Summit

2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Communication Technology and Application Summit

2019 Suzhou International Internet of Things Platform and Data Security Summit

2019 Suzhou International High-precision Positioning Technology and Application Summit

2019 Suzhou Smart Retail Innovation Application Conference


1. The whole industry chain - well-known enterprises participation

IOTE 2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Expo is a comprehensive and complete display of the upstream and downstream industry chain of the Internet of Things. The RFID field exhibition covers RFID tags and packaging, RFID reader hardware, RFID middleware (software) and RFID integration. System, etc. Ulink Media invited many well-known enterprises in the RFID industry to participate in the exhibition, including Lixin Technology, Fujitsu, Core Alliance Creation, Haikang, Honglu, Zhongke International, An's, Rodin Bell, Rong Rui, Quantitative, Rongzhixin, Zhongshifa, Aopu IOT, Yixin Intelligent, Qishunhong, Hadsheng, Chili, Guangzhou Zhongchuang, Chuanqi Intelligent, Xuhong Machinery, Saiyu Electromechanical, Yuan Mingjie, Haiyuan Xinsheng, Hande Hall, ICT, Spiro, Fuli, Boss, Bowei Smart, Aoxin Technology, Baijieteng, Haohao, Meister, Zhimingxing, Jinruiming, etc. This exhibition will build a platform for RFID innovation, boutique display and cooperation and exchange for participating brands.

2, Focus on the industry - thirteen years of industry accumulation

RFID technology has been widely used in the Internet of Things technology. Since 2005, Ulink Media has firmly believed the significance of RFID, and also launched a comprehensive industry portal for the RFID industry - RFID World. The network has devoted itself to the field of RFID. This year's exhibition, Ulink Media will set up a 13-year industry accumulation to provide exhibitors with a professional exhibition platform for brand display and efficient resource matching.

3. Great influence - full coverage of the 500+ media industry

The organizers of this exhibition cooperated with many authoritative media in the country to publicize and report before, during and after the exhibition, and to provide comprehensive media exposure to exhibitors, including CEO interviews, brand promotion, project promotion, new products. Introduction, on-site interviews, self-media public number, Weibo, WeChat, SMS, email, Baidu, journals and more than 500 professional media network platforms.

Medias: Shenzhen News Channel, Shenzhen Finance Channel, Southern Metropolis Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Shenzhen Business Daily, Jing Bao, Shenzhen Evening News, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Shenzhen News Net, Securities Times, Sina Net Technology Channel, Sohu Technology Channel, Phoenix Network Technology Channel, NetEase Technology Channel,,, China News Net, Volkswagen, China Economics, Global Finance, Business Watch, Southern Technology Network, Guangdong News Network, Southern Online, Global Times Network、TelecomWatch、CardsNow、Asia Outlook、Empire Media、MobileIDWorld、AIM、IoT One、IoT Now、Tractica etc.

4. National recognition - the first batch of key enterprises in the exhibition industry of the Ministry of Commerce

As a professional exhibition enterprise, Ulink Media has been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce and has been publicized in the list of the first batch of key enterprises in the exhibition industry selected by experts. This is the service capability and influence of Ulink Media Exhibition and professional recognition. This exhibition will fully invite industry channel operators, operation service providers, strength distributors, system integrators and end users from around the world to discuss cooperation, and provide exhibitors with a high degree of professionalism, strong service capabilities and rich industry resources.

5. Brand Exhibition - IOTE® registered trademark

Since the establishment of the industry fair platform, well-known companies and a large number of professional audiences have gathered IOTE every year. Nowadays, IOTE has become the certification IP of Ulink Media. This is not only the proof of the Ulink Media Brand Exhibition, but also the proof of the ability and professionalism of Ulink Media in the industry. This exhibition will present a show for the exhibitors to showcase the entire industry chain of the Internet of Things. With this brand exhibition, exhibitors can promote new products, expand new business and enhance their popularity.

This exhibition will be a promotion conference for new products and new programs of exhibitors, as well as a learning exchange meeting of cutting-edge technology and advanced experience. It is also a docking meeting for upstream and downstream resources of the industry.

More than 10,000 system integrators, industry users!

More than 5,000 traders participated in the exhibition!

More than 3,000 international buyers!

Ulink Media believes that with the support of all partners, this exhibition will definitely be an industry event!

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