Flexo Electronics Technology to Join IOTE 2019 Spring Fair2018-12-13

Ningbo flexo electronics technology co., LTD. will join 2019 The 11th International Internet of Things Exhibition (Spring Fair) from March 13-15 with their latest IoT solutions and products of the Company. The booth number is B90.

Ningbo flexo electronics technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech Sino-British joint venture established after the overseas team of doctor of flexible printing electronic technology returned to China. Registered capital 5 million yuan, located in ningbo yinzhou district jinyuan road 669, the company covers an area of 2,000 square meters. 

The company's main business is printing electronic equipment, printing electronic intelligent products, electronic label, printing ink and other related products. The traditional printed circuit board technology wastes a lot of base materials and causes corrosion liquid emission pollution. The technology of peaceful wave soft printing electronic science and technology limited company is based on printing method completely, it is a kind of green increase material manufacturing technology, belong to the advanced manufacturing technology that the country advocates vigorously. Printing electronic technology is a new electronic manufacturing technology. Developing this new printing electronic manufacturing technology has important guiding significance for the transformation and upgrading of China's electronic manufacturing industry. 

Flexo printing is dedicated to the development and application of flexible electronic products. The company has developed the conductive paste based on nano-silver and copper materials, the roll-to-roll printing manufacturing equipment integrating low-temperature photon sintering equipment, and the manufacturing technology of flexible electronic products. Through printing additive manufacturing technology, flexible functional circuit system can be prepared on thin film, paper and other materials, which has a wide application prospect in flexible button touching circuit, flexible circuit board, flexible sensor, flexible display, intelligent packaging and Internet of things. The new material and manufacturing company developed by the company can provide customers with a one-stop integrated solution of environmentally friendly, high-quality and low-cost functional flexible circuit system. 



  Net silver pulp FPE-004S-22

  Product range: component electrodes, film lines, printed electrode circuits, automotive electronics, etc.


  Net silver pulp FPE-004S-40

  Product range: printing RFID antenna, paper-based circuit, keypad line, etc.


  Net silver pulp SSEP-5003

  Product range: cloth electrodes, textile lines, stretchable lines, etc.


  Net silver pulp FPE-004S-75

  Product application range: PI, FR4 and other substrates, high conductivity printed circuit


  Screen printing copper paste FPE-Cu-002

  Product application range: flexible printed film circuit, electromagnetic shielding, device electrodes, etc.


  Photon sintering equipment PFE-RB series

  Product range: Sintering and curing of nano silver ink, nano silver wire and nano copper ink


  Multilayer printed flexible circuit

Product range: access control, electronic ticket card, medicine, close-range application, etc.


  Printing NFC tags

  Product range: traceability, anti-counterfeiting, product certification, smart advertising, Bluetooth or wifi pairing, electronic shelves, electronic business cards, etc.


  Printing UHF tags FPE-U02401C

  Range of application: unmanned retail, logistics traceability, hazardous chemicals management, commodity anti-counterfeiting, Bluetooth or wifi pairing, etc.

It is reported that 2019 (11th) China International Internet of Thing Exhibition hosted by China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance. It showcases the whole IoT industry chain, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT. It exhibits the technologies of RFID, sensor network, short-range communication, financial mobile payment, middle-ware, big data processing, Cloud, real-time locating, and etc; It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, smart grid, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance, military, asset management, apparel, library, smart city, environment monitoring. It is the largest and most comprehensive internet of things exhibition in Asia. We except your participation!

Date: March 13-15, 2019

Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center B1,C1 Hall

Register for IoTE 2019 Free Ticket: http://eng.iote.com.cn/Register.aspx


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