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Exhibitor Name:杭州智控网络有限公司

English Name:Hangzhou ZKONG Networks Co,.Ltd.

Booth Number:2F4-2

Company Address:浙江省杭州市钱塘新区新加坡科技园17幢1208

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Company Introduction:杭州智控网络有限公司自主研发了基于蓝牙私有通信协议的云价签产品系统,通过实时变价、智能拣货、广告促销发布、商品定位导航、可视化陈列管理、客流分析等功能,在终端实现门店运营数据、消费者行为数据的提取与分析,为门店决策提供大数据支撑与多元化建议。帮助客户有效降低成本,优化工作流程与效率,提升客户门店与品牌的市场竞争力。

English Introduction:Hangzhou ZKONG Network Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise. It is mainly engaged in the research, development and sales of wireless intelligent hardware and new retail IoT technology, providing diversified services for new retail, supermarkets and department stores, beauty and fashion, consumer electronics, fresh food chains, medical, warehousing, catering industries, and constantly exploring more new application areas. ZKONG Digital Store Solutions provides IoT retail industry solutions with cloud-based electronic shelf label system as the infrastructure through the combination of AI, big data and cloud computing. We help customers to effectively reduce costs, optimize workflow and efficiency, and enhance the market competitiveness of their brands.

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