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Exhibitor Name:深圳市每开创新科技有限公司

English Name:Shenzhen Kaiconn Innovative Technology Co., Ltd

Booth Number:2F25

Company Address:深圳市南山区粤海街道高新区社区高新南环路42号北邮科技大厦1002

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Company Introduction:每开创新是一家致力于数字联接为核心、提供具有流量和成本双效益的无电物联网整体解决方案及大数据平台服务商。开创了“无电物联网” 平台,聚焦AI无线能量算法数字引擎及ANIOT云平台,通过芯片基础创新和互联网平台创新、双轮驱动来构建无电物联网先进的数字应用“每开” APP。公司由多名成功连续创业者发起创立,创始成员均曾在知名企业担任高管和具备一流软硬件应用开发、芯片设计等从业经验。公司总部位于深圳。

English Introduction:Kaiconn is a service provider that devoted to digital connection and providing streaming and cost effective passive IOT overall solution as well as big data platform. It builds the passive IOT platform, focusing on the AI wireless energy algorithm digital engine and ANIOT cloud platform, and builds an advanced digital Kaiconn APP through chip innovation, Internet innovation as well as two-wheel drive, so as to create a better connection services for global users.Kaiconn is founded by a number of serial entrepreneurs. The team members are once senior executives in established corporation with overseas background and more than 12 years experience in first-class software/hardware application development/chip design.The headquarter is located in Shenzhen with branches in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

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