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Exhibitor Name:智汇芯联微电子有限公司

English Name:MaxWave Microelectronics Ltd

Booth Number:2C11

Company Address:上海市宜山路2016号KL室

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Company Introduction:智汇芯联微电子有限公司成立于2018年底,为物联网和工业智能制造领域设计高性能、高可靠性、超低功耗的芯片。公司由具有海外教育背景和海内外顶尖公司工作经验的海归博士创立,核心设计团队来自国际著名半导体公司,同时在中国有二十多年芯片研发量产经验。团队对于芯片的研发、运营,产品的推广、销售,都有着极其丰富的经验。公司坐落在上海漕河泾高新技术开发区,并在华南设有团队。

English Introduction:Maxwave Micro is an innovative fabless integrated circuit design company, founded in 2018 by some overseas returnees.Maxwave Micro focuses on high performance and ultra low power integrated circuit design.The core members are from well-established international semiconductor companies and also have more than 20 years experiences in semiconductor design in China.The team members have rich experiences in RD, Marketing, Sales and Operation.

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