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Exhibitor Name:江苏精微特电子股份有限公司

English Name:Jiangsu JWT Electronics Shares Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C8-4

Company Address:江苏省苏州市苏州工业园区联发工业园12号楼

Company Website:

Company Introduction:江苏精微特电子股份有限公司,总部位于苏州,公司现已通过国家高新技术企业和省民营企业认定,并通过了IS09001国际质量管理体系认证和IATF16949体系认证,公司现已成功研发出NB-IoT模组、2.4G模组、振动位移模组、温湿度传感模组、压力传感模组、惯导模组等各类模组。公司拥有17项专利及5项著作权,产品已在扫地机器人、智能家居等领域的龙头企业得到广泛应用,持续为客户提供全面应用解决方案服务。

English Introduction:Jiangsu JWT Electronics Shares Co., Ltd., headquartered in suzhou, the company has passed the national high-tech enterprises and provincial private enterprises, and passed the IS09001 international quality management system certification and IATF16949 system certification, the company has successfully developed the NB - IoT module, 2.4 G module, vibration displacement module, temperature and humidity sensor module, pressure sensing module, inertial navigation module and other modules. The company has 17 patents and 5 Copyrights, and its products have been widely used in leading enterprises in the fields of sweeping robot and smart home, etc., and continue to provide customers with comprehensive application solutions.

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