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Exhibitor Name:深圳图说智能网络科技有限公司

English Name:Shenzhen tusuo Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3C37-1

Company Address:深圳市龙华区民治街道民泰大厦817室

Company Website:

Company Introduction:图页网(,建立有价值有内容的大型图片门户网站,致力于提供专业化的信息服务和互联网营销服务。通过线上平台与线下杂志展会等多渠道结合,为用户提供新鲜权威的行业资讯、网络应用技术和互联网营销解决方案。未来,图页网将继续主动拥抱“互联网+”的时代,推动传统制造业与互联网结合,助力企业产业升级,促进行业发展。

English Introduction:Figure page net( )To establish a large image portal with value and content, and to provide professional information services and Internet marketing services. Through the combination of online platform and offline magazine exhibition, we provide users with fresh and authoritative industry information, network application technology and Internet marketing solutions. In the future, the web will continue to embrace the era of "Internet plus", promote the integration of traditional manufacturing and the Internet, help enterprises upgrade their industries, and promote the development of the industry.

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