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Exhibitor Name:北京博大光通物联科技股份有限公司

English Name:Beijing GTI IoT Technology Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3C90

Company Address:北京市北京经济技术开发区景园北街2号52-1幢5层

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Company Introduction:博大光通(,全球领先的物联网全产业链技术与服务提供商,2011年3月由麻省理工学院多名海归博士作为技术领军人物创立于北京亦庄,将“让世界更加智能,以物联网比互联网部署和使用更简单”为使命,经过波士顿7年的技术积累和北京8年的孵化创业,携手华为云成功推出国内一流、世界先进的“安全可信的微物联平台”,正在研制基于GTiBee协议的无线传感网通讯芯片和微物联智慧生态APP。

English Introduction:GTI, founded by a number of doctors of MIT in March 2011 in Beijing E-town, is a global leading technology and service provider of the whole industry chain of IoT. The entrepreneurial team is highly efficient and professional. Over the years, the company upholds the concept of "creating and meeting needs of users in the future" and is with 7 years of technology accumulation in Boston and 7 years of incubation in Beijing. Working with Huawei Cloud, GTI successfully put forward an IoT Platform which is secure and reliable. Besides, the IoT Communication Protocol GTiBee developed by GTI is with completely independent intellectual property rights by Chinese. Communication chips of Wireless Sensor Network series and an open platform of smart life are under development based on the Protocol. GTI works to build and share a sensing ecosystem of IoT with industrial counterparts to carry out the plan of building a smart city "water droplets plan".

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