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Exhibitor Name:苏州感闻环境科技有限公司

English Name:GW Environ Tech Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C75

Company Address:昆山开发区前进东路88号6号楼M1A栋2楼北端-1区

Company Website:

Company Introduction:专业从事工业气体探测、环境监测与分析、智慧环保等业务的高新技术企业,目前感闻环境的业务主要专注于围绕工业物联网的气体探测设备、环境监测仪器仪表、智慧环保及物联网智慧监测整体解决方案,产品及方案具有智能化、自学习、集成度高等诸多优点,广泛应用于环保、石化、化工、燃气、危化品物流仓储钢铁、冶金、建材及科研等领域。

English Introduction:Suzhou GW Environ Tech Co., Ltd. is specialized in environmental monitoring and analysis, industrial gas detection, intelligent environmental protection and other business of innovative high-tech enterprises. As a technology leader in the field of industrial and environmental testing and analysis, the business of GW Environ focuses on industrial gas detection equipment, environmental monitoring instrumentation, intelligent environmental protection and IoT monitoring of the overall solution, products and solutions with high precision, multi-gas monitoring, small volume, high sensitivity, good selectivity, good stability, intelligent, Can be integrated, long life and many other advantages, widely used in environmental protection, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, waste incineration, cement, steel, coal, metallurgy, building materials and scientific research and other fields.

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