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Exhibitor Name:武汉市海联天下物联网有限公司

English Name:Wuhan LinkTheAll lot Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3c29-2

Company Address:武汉市洪山区光谷总部国际1栋-902

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Company Introduction:武汉市海联天下物联网有限公司是国家高新技术企业,于2015年9月正式成立,是新时代物联网智能硬件品牌服务商,专注于物联网智能硬件的研发设计,为中小企业提供物联网智能硬件及物联网技术服务,协助中小企业转型升级,助力中国智能制造2025。海联天下定位于高科技智能技术公司,坚持以科技创新为核心,人才战略为根本。经过多年的技术发展,积累了丰富的技术研发经验,拥有近100项物联网产品和应用案例。

English Introduction:Wuhan LinkTheAll lot Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise. It was formally established in September 2015. It is a brand service provider of intelligent hardware for the Internet of Things in the new era. It focuses on the R&D and design of intelligent hardware for the Internet of Things, and provides Internet of Things for small and medium-sized enterprises. Intelligent hardware and Internet of Things technical services, assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in transformation and upgrading, and assisting China's intelligent manufacturing 2025. Hailian Tianxia is positioned as a high-tech intelligent technology company, insisting on scientific and technological innovation as the core and talent strategy as the foundation. After years of technological development, we have accumulated rich experience in technology research and development, and have nearly 100 IoT products and application cases.

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