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Exhibitor Name:温州楚汉光电科技有限公司


Booth Number:3C79-4

Company Address:浙江省温州市乐清市乐清市柳市镇前州工业区南河路25号

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Company Introduction:楚汉科技是一家拥有自主知识产权的专业从事AC/DC、DC/AC电源,智能控制系统和电力电子产品研发、制造、销售的高科技企业。楚汉科技目前涉及的产品系列包括开关电源,适配器,智能充电器,逆变器,光伏系统,应急照明,射频,继电器,传感器,电源等。产品广泛应用于高低压配电,仪表仪器电源,LED照明,景观照明,工况照明等领域。我们以“专业、合作、诚信”为原则,以严于律己的管理,获得广大国内外客户的青睐。

English Introduction:Chuhan Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of AC/DC, DC/AC power supplies, intelligent control systems and power electronic products with independent intellectual property rights. Chuhan Technology's current product series include switching power supplies, adapters, smart chargers, inverters, photovoltaic systems, emergency lighting, radio frequency, relays, sensors, power supplies, etc. Products are widely used in high and low voltage power distribution, instrument power supply, LED lighting, landscape lighting, working condition lighting and other fields. Based on the principle of "professionalism, cooperation, integrity" and strict self-discipline management, we have won the favor of domestic and foreign customers.

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