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Exhibitor Name:厦门计讯物联科技有限公司

English Name:Xiamen Top-iot Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3C73-3

Company Address:福建省厦门市集美区软件园三期C07栋1402室

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Company Introduction:计讯物联致力于物联网应用领域,产品以行业应用终端、物联网无线通信终端和物联网应用软件平台为三条主线,拥有自主研发的水利行业应用终端、环保行业应用终端、M2M通信终端、智慧城市应用终端、智慧工业应用终端等成熟物联网应用产品。并且拥有智慧环保、智慧水利、智慧水务、智慧农业、智慧路灯杆、智慧园区、智慧校园、工业4.0等物联网场景应用。可提供软硬件一体化解决方案。

English Introduction:Top-iot Technology is committed to the application field of the Internet of Things. Its products are based on three main lines: industry application terminals, Internet of Things wireless communication terminals and Internet of Things application software platforms. It has self-developed water conservancy industry application terminals, environmental protection industry application terminals, M2M communication terminals, Mature IoT application products such as smart city application terminals and smart industrial application terminals. And it has smart environmental protection, smart water conservancy, smart water affairs, smart agriculture, smart street light poles, smart parks, smart campuses, industry 4.0 and other IoT scenarios. Can provide software and hardware integration solutions.

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