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Exhibitor Name:杭州码全信息科技有限公司

English Name:HangzhouCodvisionTechnologyCo.,Ltd.

Booth Number:3A53

Company Address:浙江省杭州市余杭区南苑街道余之城3幢13层

Company Website:

Company Introduction:杭州码全信息科技有限公司成立于2012年12月,公司创始团队均拥有浙江大学博士学位,布局智慧城市、数字政府和社会治理三大业务板块,专业从事大数据、人工智能和区块链等信息化服务.专注于视频图像传输分析,数据采集与挖掘的关键技术及智能服务机器人系统整体方案的研发,长期为工业界及政府部门提供解决方案和技术服务,是业界一流公司在人工智能领域的技术服务和解决方案提供商,致力于让机器更智能地为人服务的愿景。

English Introduction:HangzhouCodvisionTechnologyCo.,Ltd.founded in December 2012,the founding teams of the company all have doctorates from Zhejiang University.we have hhree business sectors: SMART CITY, digital government and social governance,Specializing in big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other information services..We provide long-term solutions and technical services to industry and government departments. We are the leading provider of technical services and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.The vision of making machines smarter for people

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