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Exhibitor Name:威雅利電子(上海)有限公司

English Name:Willas-Array Electronics (Shanghai) Limited

Booth Number:3A11-2

Company Address:中國上海市普陀區中山北路3000號長城大廈33樓

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Company Introduction:威雅利电子(集团)有限公司成立于1981年,40年来集团紧贴全球市场发展趋势,与合作伙伴的紧密合作,业务由香港迅速发展至整个大中华地区,并以这些地区为核心再将业务扩展至全亚洲,在电子元器件经销领域屹立于领导地位。集团技术团队利用自身的器件集成优势,结合全球领先的技术平台,帮助企业在日趋复杂的碎片化场景下实现端到端物联网连接、设备和资料管理,提供了完整的物联网安全技术的设备管理方案。

English Introduction:Founded in 1981, Willas-Array Electronics (Holdings) Limited has developed as one of the industry leaders of electronic components distribution in Hong Kong. The Group has always been keeping up with the market needs and trends throughout the last 40 years. Willas-Array demonstrated an extensive and rapid growth from Hong Kong to the Greater China area. The Group further expanded its core to the Asia-Pacific region, and established long term partnerships with reputable world-wide suppliers. The Group's technical team integrate components with the world's leading technology platform to help companies realize IoT connections, equipment and data management. We offer a variety of IoT security technology management solution.

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