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Exhibitor Name:深圳市博安通科技股份有限公司

English Name:Shenzhen B&T Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth Number:3C79-3

Company Address:深圳市宝安区西乡街道华丰智慧创新港C座403、408和410室

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Company Introduction:深圳市博安通科技股份有限公司 (简称:博安通,NEEQ:430597) 成立于2003年,是一家在全国中小企业股份转让系统挂牌的国家高新技术企业。公司致力于物联网无线连接领域,为客户提供全系列的射频方案模组、天线、无线性能测试及解决方案。产品主要配套于物联网应用,如智慧城市、智能家居、智能穿戴、商用智能设备、传统设备智能改造、特定条件下智能应用等领域。

English Introduction:Shenzhen Boantong Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Boantong, NEEQ: 430597) Founded in 2003, it is a national high-tech enterprise listed in the national share transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is committed to the Internet of Things wireless connection field, to provide customers with a full range of RF solution modules, antennas, wireless performance testing and solutions. The products are mainly used in Internet of Things applications, such as smart city, smart home, smart wearables, commercial smart devices, intelligent transformation of traditional devices, intelligent applications under specific conditions and other fields.

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