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Exhibitor Name:3M中国有限公司

English Name:3M China Ltd.

Booth Number:3C53-2

Company Address:上海市长宁区兴义路8号万都中心38楼

Company Website:

Company Introduction:3M公司创建于1902年,全球总部位于美国明尼苏达州的圣保罗市。作为一家世界知名的多元化科技创新企业,3M的产品和技术早已融入人们的生活。100多年以来,3M开发了六万多种产品,从家庭用品到医疗产品,运输、建筑到商业、教育和电子、通信等各个领域。3M工业胶粘剂与胶带产品部在物联网智慧设备与电子产品的组装解决方案有多年深厚积累,包含3M™ VHB™ 强力双面胶,薄型双面胶,结构胶,标签,特种胶带等。

English Introduction:In 1902, 3M started as a small-scale mining venture in Northern Minnesota, then named Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Now a global powerhouse, our products improve the daily lives of people around the world. Scientific, technical and marketing innovations produced success upon success over the years, eventually making 3M a constant name on the Fortune 500 list. Today, more than 60,000 3M products are used from household products to medical products, transportation, construction, commerce, education and electronics, communications and other fields. 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Division has years of experience in assembly solutions for IoT smart devices with 3M™ VHB™ tape, double coated tapes, structural adhesives, labels, speciality Tapes, and more.

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