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Exhibitor Name:深圳皮克智能技术有限公司

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Company Address:深圳市宝安区新安三路88号德冠廷商务中心406室

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Company Introduction:皮克智能是全球领先的智能硬件产品及系统解决方案提供商,具备自主研发创新、软硬件方案集成及全产业链资源整合的能力。 目前,皮克形成了以无线物联网为载体的智能价签,智能仓库管理系统为产品的服务特色,尤其在低功耗无线应用方向积累了丰富的经验,公司正以创新为动力,以市场为导向,努力打造一个独具特色和核心竞争力的高科技企业。

English Introduction:Picksmart is a global leading solution provider of intelligent hardware products and system, and is able to make independent R&D and innovation, software and hardware solution integration, and resources integration of the whole industry chain. At present, Picksmart has developed its Smart ESL with the carrier of wireless IoT, with the special service and product of smart warehouse management system. Especially, it has gained a lot of experience on low power consumption wireless applications. Picksmart takes innovation as motivation, takes market as orientation, takes efforts to build a special and core competitive Hi-tech enterprise.

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