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Exhibitor Name:陕西拓普索尔电子科技有限责任公司

English Name:Shaanxi Topsail Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C92

Company Address:陕西拓普索尔电子科技有限责任公司

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Company Introduction:陕西拓普索尔电子科技有限责任公司从事无线智能低功耗传感器的研发、设计、生产与销售,主要产品有无线压力传感器、无线液位传感器、智慧消防栓、无线温湿度传感器、无线温湿度仪、无线温压多通道采集终端、无线水流远控阀、物联网智能网关等。本单位生产的无线智能传感器已广泛应用于消防、供水、供暖、燃气、石油等领域.公司目前已通过国家高新企业认证、科技型中小企业认证、ISO9001质量体系认证,拥有“拓普索尔”商标

English Introduction:Shaanxi Topsail Electric Technology Co., engaged in the research, development, design, production and sales of wireless intelligent low-power sensors. The main products are wireless pressure sensors, wireless liquid level sensors, smart fire hydrants, wireless temperature and humidity sensors, wireless temperature and pressure multi-channel acquisition terminals, wireless water flow remote control valves, Internet of things intelligent gateways, etc. The wireless intelligent sensors produced by our factory have been widely used in fire protection, water supply, heating, gas, petroleum and other fields. The company has now passed the national high-tech enterprise certification, scientific and technological medium-sized enterprise certification, ISO9001 quality system, has "Topsail" trademark.

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