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Exhibitor Name:上海辉泰信息科技有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Witium Information Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3A52-3

Company Address:上海市闵行区中春路7001号F栋602

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Company Introduction:上海辉泰信息科技有限公司是一家专注于工业物联网及工业大数据一站式行业解决方案的高新技术企业。公司主要以工业云平台、HMI人机界面、高频振动传感器、数据采集模块等产品为核心,为客户解决数据采集、传输、控制、显示和处理等问题。公司拥有丰富的软硬件开发技术,致力于以高质量的产品和技术服务满足客户的需求,在全球工业自动化、设备预测性维护、能源管理、智慧工厂等领域提供有效且完整的解决方案。

English Introduction:Shanghai Witium Information Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on industrial Internet of things and one-stop industrial big data solutions. The company mainly takes industrial cloud platform, HMI, high frequency vibration sensor, data acquisition module and other products as the core to solve the problems of data acquisition, transmission, control, display and processing for customers. The company has a wealth of software and hardware development technology, committed to high-quality products and technical services to meet customer needs, in the global industrial automation, predictive maintenance of equipment, energy management, smart factory and other fields to provide effective and complete solutions.

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