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Exhibitor Name:敏源传感科技有限公司

English Name:MinYuan Sensing Technology CO.,Ltd

Booth Number:3C79-1

Company Address:浙江省嘉兴市秀洲区新塍镇兴镇路233号内二楼东

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Company Introduction:敏源传感是一家海归创业的集成电路设计公司,创始团队来自美国、加拿大等知名半导体公司。公司专注在高精度数字温度、湿度、液位、水分、气体等环境类传感芯片的开发及模组设计,坚持从传统模拟传感器升级到数模混合的智能MEMS传感芯片的技术路线。芯片包含模数转换、自动校准、DSP算法、存储、通信等功能,具有体积小、功耗低、成本低等优点,应用在智能家居、工业控制、环境监控、精准农业、医疗电子等新兴物联网领域。

English Introduction:Minyuan Sensing Technology CO., Ltd is founded by veterans from US and Canada semiconductor companies. We are dedicated to providing high-quality integrated circuits and modules for the environmental sensing industry, including temperature, humidity, gas, water-level and moisture sensors. Our passion is to create intelligent sensors based on patented mixed-signals circuit technologies. The products consist not only MEMS sensing elements but also ADC, automatic calibration, DSP algorithms, storage and communication blocks in minimized, low-power and inexpensive silicon. It has been widely applied to emerging IOT markets such as smart home, industrial control, environment monitoring, precision agriculture and medical wearables.

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