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Exhibitor Name:汉威科技集团股份有限公司

English Name:Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation

Booth Number:3C51

Company Address:郑州国家高新技术产业开发区雪松路169号

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Company Introduction:汉威科技集团股份有限公司(股票代码:300007)是国内知名的气体传感器及仪表制造商、物联网解决方案提供商,创业板首批上市公司,致力于为万物赋灵,让生产和生活不断涌现新价值。汉威围绕物联网产业,将感知传感器、智能终端、通讯技术、地理信息和云计算、大数据等技术紧密结合,打造汉威云,建立完整的物联网技术平台和产业生态,结合环保治理、节能技术,为智慧城市、安全生产、环境保护、民生健康提供完善的解决方案。

English Introduction:Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation (Stock no.:300007) founded in 1998,is a trustworthy innovative technology company, and the largest gas sensors and instruments manufacturer, IoT solution supplier in China, listed on China’s Growth Enterprise Board in the first batch, devote ourselves to make things intelligent, creating new values to our work and life unceasingly.Around IoT industry, Hanwei combined sensors, intelligent terminal, communication technology, geographic information and cloud computing, big data technology together closely, created Hanwei Cloud, established a complete IoT technology platform and industrial ecology, integrated environmental protection and energy-saving technology. Hanwei Electronics Group focus on the customer value oriented, provide perfect solutions for smart city, production safety, environmental protection, health of the people's livelihood.

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