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Exhibitor Name:杭州数蛙科技有限公司

English Name:Hangzhou Digital Frog Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3C61

Company Address:浙江省杭州市西湖区东部软件园创新大厦A座409

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Company Introduction:杭州数蛙科技是工业物联网开发者平台及设备管控SaaS平台的专业服务商。面向应用开发者平台:数蛙应用开源平台DG-IOT;一站式物联网设备快速接入应用赋能平台;一站式工业物联网全业务云测平台;面向行业用户的平台:工业设备远程检测与质量追溯平台。目前平台连接设备总数已超500万;重点用户包括:国家电网、南方电网、国家质量检测机构、芯片制造商、制造业龙头企业,以及日本、新加坡等数家国际500强企业。

English Introduction:Hangzhou digital frog technology is a professional service provider of the development platform of industrial IOT and SaaS platform for equipment control. Application oriented Developer Platform: DG-IOT, open source platform for application, one-stop IoT equipment fast access application enabling platform, one-stop industrial IoT full service cloud testing platform, and industry user oriented platform: industrial equipment remote detection and quality traceability platform. At present, the total number of platform connecting equipment has exceeded 5million; main users include: national grid, southern power grid, national quality inspection institutions, chip manufacturers, leading manufacturing enterprises, as well as several international top 500 enterprises such as Japan and Singapore.

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