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Exhibitor Name:戎天电子(上海)有限公司

English Name:Royalty Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C37

Company Address:上海市杨浦区逸仙路25号同济晶度大厦1111室

Company Website:

Company Introduction:戎天电子(上海)有限公司于2009年成立,拥有以一次性锂电池为主,充电电池、超级电容、电子元器件等相关产品为辅的全系列产品线。公司主要产品有(1)日本FDK全系列锂电池;MAXELL扣式电池(2)日本TAIYO锂离子超级电容系列;YMIN全系列电容(3)日本ABLIC电源管理芯片和锂电保护芯片;(4)日本SEIKO石英晶振;(5)可充电电池组(可按照客户要求定制)。

English Introduction:Royalty Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in 2009, with a one-off lithium battery-based, rechargeable batteries, super capacitors, electronic components and other related products supplemented by the full range of products.(1) Japan FDK Full Line Lithium Battery; Maxell Button Battery;(2) Japan Taiyo Lithium Ion supercapacitor series;(3) ABLIC power management chip and Lithium Power Protection Chip in Japan;(4) Seiko Quartz Crystal Oscillator, Japan;(5) rechargeable battery pack (can be customized to customer requirements).

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