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Exhibitor Name:北京天防安全科技有限公司

English Name:Tianfang Sec

Booth Number:3C28-1

Company Address:北京市海淀区北三环西路32号恒润国际大厦1810

Company Website:

Company Introduction:天防安全作为物联网安全创新者,拥有视频监控领域国内最全的IoT设备指纹库和IoT设备漏洞库,拥有覆盖全国31个省市的安全服务能力,推出了天防视频网络安全检查工具、天慧视频监控网络空间监测服务平台、天演视频监控网络安全态势感知平台、天智视频网络数据防泄漏系统等产品和解决方案。目前,公司已与公安部、公安部一所、北京市公安局等10家政法单位达成了项目合作,并积极布局金融、能源、交通、司法、文教卫等市场。

English Introduction:As an IoT security innovator, Tianfang Sec has the most complete IoT device fingerprint library and IoT device vulnerability Library in the video monitoring network security of China, and has the security service capability covering 31 provinces and cities in China. Tianfang Sec has launched Tianfang video network safty inspection tool, Tianhui video survellance network monitoring service platform, Tianyan video monitoring network security situation awareness platform and Tianzhi video network Data leakage prevention system and other products and solutions. At present, Tianfang Sec has reached project cooperation with 10 political and legal units, including The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, The First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Beijing Public Security Bureau. And Tianfang Secactively arranged Financial, energy, transportation, justice, culture, education and health industry market.

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