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Exhibitor Name:上海联点信息科技有限公司


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Company Address:上海市嘉定区南翔高科技园区惠申路353号

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Company Introduction:上海联点信息科技有限公司是一家对产品赋码与追溯、信息管理、系统集成,解决方案的提供商。 公司拥有一批高素质的工程技术和软件开发人才。专注于在线可变数据打印管理、采集、系统集成,在线与离线工业高速打印设备的自主研发、生产、应用为核心的高新技术企业。 产品广泛应用于: 防伪标签、电子标签、可变数据打印系统集成 RFID标签芯片数据读写、UV喷印、检测一体机的开发与应用 物流追溯码防串货系统集成

English Introduction:Shanghai Link-point Information Tech Co., Ltd. is a provider of product code and traceability, information management, system integration and solutions. The company has a group of high-quality engineering and software development talents. Focus on online variable data printing management, acquisition, system integration, online and offline industrial high-speed printing equipment independent research and development, production, application as the core of high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in: Security label, electronic label, variable data printing system integration Development and application of RFID tag chip data reading and writing, UV printing and detection integrated machine Logistics traceability code anti-stringing system integration

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