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Exhibitor Name:无锡漫途科技有限公司

English Name:WuXi  ManToo  Technology  Co.,LTD

Booth Number:3C68-3

Company Address:江苏省无锡市新吴区菱湖大道228号天安智慧城A2-1001

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Company Introduction:无锡漫途科技有限公司,成立于2014年,是智造物联网产业服务商,物联网传输产品与云平台提供商,智慧物流信息化解决方案提供商。 专注于物联网行业应用产品、工业领域高端无线通信传输设备,物联网平台,蚁蚕智能城配系统的研发、生产、推广和服务,目前已形成MT系列工业物联产品,MANTOO云平台系统,YICAN智能城配系统,OEM制造服务,四大核心产品业务。行业包括智慧城市,智能环保,智能制造,智慧物流等。

English Introduction:Wuxi Mantoo Technology Co., LTD,founded in 2014,is a service provider of IOT industry .It provides IOT transmission products, Cloud Platform System,and intelligent logistics information solutions . Mantoo focuses on IOT industry application products ,high-end wireless communication transmission equipment in the industrial field and IOT platform.It also focuses on the R&d, production, promotion and service of YICAN intelligent urban distribution system. At present, we have formed four core products business ,MT series of industrial products, MANTOO cloud platform system, YICAN intelligent urban distribution system and OEM manufacturing service. Our products can be applied in many industries, such as intelligent city, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and so on.

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