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Exhibitor Name:广州滴答信息科技有限公司

English Name:Guangzhou Dida Information Technology Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3C54-3

Company Address:广州市天河区涌东路400号中科商业大厦311室

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Company Introduction:成立5年来主要从事工业网关的设计,研发了4G MQTT网关WG10、可编程网关WG40、带7寸屏可组态设计的WG50、5G网关WG60。可连接阿里云物联网平台、OneNet等标准MQTT服务器,定时轮询,JSON上报。支持Modbus RTU、Modbus TCP、DL645、大多数PLC的串口和网口协议。远程串口\网口更新PLC程序。另有基于NBIOT的电表、路灯、温控器和能源控制等产品。

English Introduction:Since its establishment for five years, it has been mainly engaged in the design of industrial gateway, and developed 4G mqtt gateway wg10, programmable gateway wg40, wg50 with 7-inch screen and 5g gateway wg60. It can be connected to standard mqtt servers such as Alibaba cloud Internet of things platform and onenet, polling regularly and reporting through JSON. Support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DL645, most PLC serial port and network port protocol. Remote serial port and network port update PLC program. There are also nbiot based meters, street lamps, temperature controllers and energy control products.

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