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Exhibitor Name:成都精位科技有限公司

English Name:ChengDu JingWei Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth Number:3C69

Company Address:四川省成都市高新区天府软件园B区D6-5楼

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Company Introduction:成都精位科技有限公司是一家从事UWB精确定位技术及产品研发生产的高新技术企业。精位科技拥有自主完整的UWB精确定位技术知识产权,为用户提供专业的定位系统和技术解决方案,技术及产品处于行业领先水平。研发的位RU高精度定位系统已在工业生产、公检法司、电力巡检、仓储物流、交通运输、体育运动、智慧安防等行业得到了广泛应用,满足用户的多样化需求。

English Introduction:ChengDu JingWei Technology Co.,Ltd. is known as a high-tech company engaged in the development and manufacturing of UWB accurate positioning technologies and products. With its completely independent IPs of UWB accurate positioning technologies, Jingwei Technology is committed to offering professional positioning systems and technical solutions featured by industry leading technologies and products to its users. JingWei Technology's WEI RU high-accuracy positioning system has its wide applications in industrial production, warehouse and logistics, transportation and communication, and sport industries, meeting the users diversified needs. With its focus on technology and product research and development and by sticking to the spirit of realistic, excellence, creative, and sharing, the company has made constant breakthroughs in the area of high-accuracy positioning technologies, expecting to offer better products and services to customers of all businesses.

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