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Exhibitor Name:常州千米电子科技有限公司

English Name:Kilometer Electronics Technologies Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C25-2

Company Address:江苏省常州市武进区津通国际工业园16A503

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Company Introduction:LaKi,是英文 Last Kilometer IoT Coverage 中的前两个单词中的La和Ki的组合,是专注于物联网最后一千米海量终端覆盖的物联网新无线通讯技术。LaKi最大的优势在于保证中长距通讯的同时实现了实时响应和特低功耗,很好地平衡了三大关键特征,在覆盖距离达到一千米以上的时候,使终端可以在双向实时通讯的模式下也可采用低容量电池--如纽扣电池--实现大于5 年的持续工作!

English Introduction:Laki is the combination of La and Ki in the first two words of last kilometer IOT coverage. Its pronunciation is the same as lucky. As the name suggests, it is a new wireless communication technology focusing on the coverage of massive terminals in the last kilometer of IOT. In the two-way real-time communication mode, the wireless Internet of things communication technology with ultra-low power consumption is still guaranteed. Laki solution can use the laki module running laki protocol for more than 24 years under the condition of 500 MAH power (one button battery power), one second response (can be considered as real-time response) and 30 times of data transmission per day (single data amount of tens to hundreds of bytes)!

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