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Exhibitor Name:上海坤锐电子科技有限公司

English Name:Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3A66-4

Company Address:上海市浦东新区张东路1387号10幢01号2楼

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Company Introduction:上海坤锐电子科技有限公司-全球领先的全频段一站式RFID 硬件解决方案供应商。公司致力于创新物联产品的研发,本着万物在云端的理念,通过无线无源传感RFID芯片标签,将物品信息由4G/5G网络传输到云端,让管理者随时随地洞悉资产的身份、状态和轨迹。坤锐电子拥有全系列电子标签芯片,业务覆盖资产管理、工业制造、物流运输、智慧零售、商品防伪、民用航空等众多领域,服务于中国、日本、美国、欧洲等众多全球客户。

English Introduction:Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co., Ltd. — the world's leading full-range one-stop RFID hardware solution provider. The company is committed to the research and development of innovative IoT products. Based on the concept of everything in the cloud, it transmits item information via 4G/5G network to the cloud using wireless passive sensor RFID chip tags, allowing managers to know the identity/ state/trajectory of assets anytime, anywhere. Quanray Electronics has a full series of electronic tag chip and reader product lines, and its business covers asset management, industrial manufacturing, logistics, transportation, smart retail, mobile communications, health education, commodity anti-counterfeiting, and civil aviation, it has served many global customers in China, Japan, the United States and Europe etc.

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