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Exhibitor Name:泰州福声电子科技有限公司

English Name:Taizhou Fusheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

Booth Number:3C107

Company Address:江苏省泰州市海陵区凤凰西路98号3号楼

Company Website:

Company Introduction:泰州福声电子科技有限公司专业生产电声元器件,有着丰富的研发生产销售经验,主要生产喇叭、扬声器;贴片式蜂鸣器,压电式蜂鸣器,电磁式蜂鸣器。  产品广泛应用于电子设备中,如手表,玩具,安全系统,医疗设备,汽车,家用电器 如 冰箱,洗衣机,微波炉,电话等其他领域.  拥有先进的设备,多年以来一直专注于研究,开发和生产,已建立了专业的产品研发团队和高素质的品质管理团队。

English Introduction:Taizhou Fusheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,,is one of leading manufacturers in Acoustic Components,supply SMD Buzzer,Magnetic Transducer, Magnetic Buzzer, Piezo Transducer, Piezo Buzzer, Mechanical Buzzer,Siren, Micro Speakers,Mini Speakers,Speaker Boxes. We have advanced equipment, Has established a professional product research and development team and a high-quality quality management team, and has trained a large number of outstanding skilled workers. The company operates in strict accordance with the ISO system, strengthens the quality control system, and constantly strives to improve product quality, shorten delivery time and reduce production Cost to meet customer demands.Our products are widely applied in various kinds of electronic devices.

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