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Exhibitor Name:上海普阅信息科技有限公司

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Booth Number:3A88-1

Company Address:上海浦东新区张江高科技园区龙东大道3000号1号楼12楼

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Company Introduction:上海普阅成立于2009年,公司位于上海张江高科技园区,是国家高新技术企业。公司在RFID技术、微弱信号识别技术、嵌入式技术三方面都具有非常强的优势,拥有多项技术专利。公司专注于RFID读写设备和行业智能化设备定制,公司产品全部拥有自主知识产权,可以为各行业客户定制开发最合适的行业智能化设备。RFID产品覆盖13.56MHz、 915MHz等多个频段,多种产品形态,可以提供RFID全系列读写设备。

English Introduction:AnyID was set up in 2009. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the technical development, product manufacturing, industry customization and application services of RFID reading equipments. It is also a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. The company has leading technic advantages in the fields of RFID, weak signal recognition and automatic control. Products include reading and writing modules, readers, channel equipments, handheld equipments, etc., covering 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 915 MHz and other frequency bands. The products have been widely used in manufacturing, retail, catering, security, transportation and other fields.

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