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Exhibitor Name:南京码讯光电技术有限公司

English Name:Nanjing Maxon O.E. Tech. Co.,LTD

Booth Number:3C39

Company Address:南京市栖霞区紫东创意园A3栋6楼

Company Website:

Company Introduction:南京码讯光电技术有限公司是一直致力于“连你所想”以及“M2M”的实现,为客户提供实用、低成本的数据通信产品与解决方案。公司秉承人才为根本,诚信为基础,科技创新为企业核心竞争力的基础上,不断为客户创造更方便、跟高性价比的数据通信解决方案。 公司业务分为三大板块:产品事业部,系统集成部,电子元件事业部。公司把注重人才的培养,现已发展拥有一支从事通信行业多年的技术专家和研发团队。

English Introduction:MAXON COMMUNICATION LIMITED is committed to the realization of "even what you want" and "M2M" to provide customers with practical, low-cost data communication products and solutions. The company adheres to the talents as the foundation, the integrity as the foundation, and the technological innovation as the core competitiveness of the company, and continuously creates more convenient and cost-effective data communication solutions for customers.

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