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Exhibitor Name:天津鲲鹏信息技术有限公司

English Name:keepsens

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Company Address:天津滨海高新区塘沽海洋科技园汇祥道399号信安创业广场9号楼8-9层。

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Company Introduction:天津鲲鹏信息技术有限公司是自主物联网领域的主力军与国家队,以射频识别、高精度室内外定位、高性能地理信息、多源感知等自动识别与时空感知通信技术为核心,为智慧军事、智慧港航、智能制造、智慧城市等领域提供端到端的泛在感知产品、系统及服务。主要产品包含GJB RFID标签、读写器、打印机;反黑飞无源探测产品;HIGIS高性能地理信息系统;自主UWB及低功耗全球定位产品。

English Introduction:Tianjin keepsens Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the main force and national team in the field of independent Internet of things. With RFID, high-precision indoor and outdoor positioning, high-performance geographic information, multi-source sensing and other automatic identification and space-time sensing communication technologies as the core, it provides end-to-end ubiquitous sensing products, systems and services for intelligent military, intelligent port and shipping, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent city and other fields. The main products include GJB RFID tags, readers and printers; anti black flying passive detection products; higis high-performance geographic information system; autonomous UWB and low-power global positioning products.

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