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Exhibitor Name:惠州硕贝德无线科技股份有限公司

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Booth Number:3C83

Company Address:江苏省苏州市相城区经济技术开发区草湖街道春耀路21号

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Company Introduction:惠州硕贝德无线科技股份有限公司,是国内领先的移动通讯终端天线企业,成立于2004年2月.于2012年在深交所上市。公司旗下设有4家分公司,7家子公司,业务范围涵盖移动智能终端天线、车载智能天线、无线充电产品、指纹及传感器模组、通讯基站类产品、导热散热类产品等.江苏凯尔生物识别科技有限公司是硕贝德全资子公司,位于苏州相城,是一家专业从事生物识别模组、触控板,射频模组等产品设计制造的高科技企业。

English Introduction:Huizhou Speed Wireless Technology Co., Ltd., a leading mobile communication terminal antenna enterprise in China, was established in February 2004 and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012. Jiangsu A-kerr bio-metric technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPEED, located in Xiangcheng, Suzhou, It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of bio-metric module, touch panel, RF module and other products.

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