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Exhibitor Name:北京全迹科技有限公司

English Name:UbiTraq Technology, Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C80

Company Address:北京市朝阳区酒仙桥中路10号星科大厦C座3001

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Company Introduction:北京全迹科技有限公司成立于2016年4月,是国家级高新技术企业、中关村高新技术企业等,曾获得多家知名风险投资机构投资。公司使用UWB(超宽带)技术实现厘米级高精度室内外定位。产品覆盖B端及C端众多应用场景,可用于工业、农业、商业、养老、科技、司法、建筑等众多领域。产品具备行业领先的性能成本优势,可快速规模化部署。公司曾获得“物联之星”2020年度“最有影响力物联网定位企业奖”等荣誉。

English Introduction:Based in Beijing, China, UbiTraq was founded by industry and academia veterans from Huawei, VIA, and Tsinghua. UbiTraq delivers proven high-precision indoor RTLS solutions to customers around China. With edge technologies including UWB, TDOA and AOA, UbiTraq has developed a fully wireless, lightweight and easily scalable positioning system that meets the needs of high-precision, high-capacity and low-power applications. UbiTraq’s versatile RTLS software platform can be easily deployed in the cloud or locally, with web-based 2D/3D visualization and open APIs. As well as in the business field, UbiTraq has patented solutions to bring centimeter accuracy into the consumer field. The products have been widely used in factories, construction sites, meetings, retails, airports, and robotics, etc. By offering innovative products to both businesses and consumers, UbiTraq is striving to make indoor LBS a reality in future

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