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Exhibitor Name:立芯科技股份有限公司

English Name:Laxcen Technology Inc.

Booth Number:3A70

Company Address:宁波市鄞州区金谷中路288号F幢

Company Website:

Company Introduction:立芯科技是中国物联网产业的高新技术企业,致力于提供物联网智能设备、AI产品、行业解决方案、以及RFID产品设计制造服务。公司承担了国家创新基金,曾获得美国红鲱鱼私营科技企业全球百强等殊荣,拥有相关产品专利100余项。公司建有先进的电子标签产品研发检测试验室、大型微波暗室等研发试验环境,与国家集成电路公共服务平台共建物联网技术创新中心,拥有业内领先的芯片倒封装产线以及宁波、深圳两个研发制造基地。

English Introduction:Laxcen is dedicated to designing and manufacturing IOT smart devices, AI products, industrial solutions and RFID products. As a national high-tech enterprise, we have participated in National Innovation Fund, Zhejiang Provincial Leading Program and other R&D and innovation projects, and have been selected into Red Herring 100, Top 100 Growth Science and Technology Enterprises of Zhejiang Province, etc., possessing more than 100 related product patents. We not only have an advanced R&D and testing laboratory for electronic label products, a large microwave darkroom and other R&D and testing facilities, but also jointly built an ITO technology innovation center with the national integrated circuit public service platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In addition, we also boast leading chip reverse packaging production line and two manufacturing bases in Ningbo and Shenzhen.

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