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Exhibitor Name:杭州指令集智能科技有限公司

English Name:Hangzhou iSysCore Intelligent Technology.Co.,Ltd.

Booth Number:3C72

Company Address:杭州市西湖区文一西路1号益展商务大厦1号楼501 室

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Company Introduction:杭州指令集智能科技有限公司,成立于2018年8月,是一家物联网操作系统提供商。指令集智能科技自主研发的物联网操作系统( iSysCore OS )是统一管理和控制物联网场景中各种软硬件及数据资源的新一代物联网基础软件。公司以指令集物联网操作系统为核心,为政府、企业提供深度适配物联场景的各种智慧解决方案。公司总部及研发中心位于杭州,目前已在上海、重庆分别成立子公司以便提供更好的本地化服务。

English Introduction:Hangzhou iSysCore Intelligent Technology.Co.,Ltd. established in August 2018, is an Internet of things operating system provider. The Internet of things operating system (isyscore OS) is a new generation of IOT basic software, which manages and controls all kinds of software, hardware and data resources in IOT scenarios. With the instruction set IOT operating system as the core, the company provides various intelligent solutions for the government and enterprises to deeply adapt to the IOT scene. The headquarters and R & D center of the company are located in Hangzhou. At present, the company has set up subsidiaries in Shanghai and Chongqing to provide better localization services.

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