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Exhibitor Name:蓝色创源(北京)科技有限公司

English Name:BlueIOT

Booth Number:3C21

Company Address:北京市海淀区中关村东街1号院 清华科技园创新大厦A座

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Company Introduction:蓝色创源(北京)科技有限公司是领先的蓝牙AOA解决方案提供商,提供蓝牙AOA新型定位技术设施,以开放的蓝牙定位生态,助力接入全球百亿蓝牙定位终端,实现亚米级高精度定位下的精准位置体验。

English Introduction:BlueIOT is the leading provider of Bluetooth AOA solutions, offering a new Bluetooth AOA location technology facility. With our open Bluetooth positioning ecosystem, we help access the world's ten billion Bluetooth positioning terminals to achieve accurate location experience under sub-meter precision positioning.

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