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Exhibitor Name:北京昆仑海岸传感技术有限公司

English Name:Beijing ColliHigh Sensor Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3C56-1

Company Address:北京市海淀区上地信息路1号1-1号楼A栋8层

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Company Introduction:昆仑海岸是高新技术企业,拥有ISO9001认证、 GJB认证、船级社认证、CE认证、计量产品形式批准认证、防爆认证、SIL3 认证。是《超声波物位计》、《物联网温度变送器规范》等多个国家标准的主要起草人;是“蛟龙号”7000米载人潜水器的参研参试单位,承担了北京市科委的“高精度大气压力传感器产业化关键技术攻关”项目。所有产品和技术均为自有知识产权,现在已经获得了40余项产品专利及著作权。

English Introduction:ColliHigh is a high-tech enterprise, with ISO9001 certification, GJB certification, classification society certification, CE certification, measurement product form approval certification, explosion-proof certification, sil3 certification. He is the main drafter of several national standards such as "ultrasonic level meter" and "Specification for temperature transmitter of Internet of things"; he is the research and test unit of "Jiaolong" 7000 m manned submersible, and has undertaken the project of "tackling key technologies of high precision atmospheric pressure sensor industrialization" of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. All products and technologies have their own intellectual property rights, and now they have obtained more than 40 product patents and copyrights.

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