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Exhibitor Name:湖南菲尔斯特传感器有限公司

English Name:Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd

Booth Number:3C56-2

Company Address:湖南省长沙市雨花经开区 智能制造产业园振华路智庭园1栋

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Company Introduction:湖南菲尔斯特传感器有限公司是集工业传感器、智能控制仪表,物联网感知层、传输层、平台层系列产品研发、生产和销售于一体的高科技企业。为客户提供高端定制化传感器及物联网系统集成解决方案,产品广泛应用于航天/航海/军工、工程/纺织机械、石油/天然气、暖通/空调、智慧城市、工业互联等领域。

English Introduction:Hunan Firstrate Sensor Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrating production and sales of industrial sensors, intelligent control instruments, IoT sensing, transmission and platform development. To provide customers with high-end customized sensors and IoT system integration solutions, our products are widely used in aerospace / marine / military, engineering / textile machinery, oil / gas, HVAC / air conditioning, smart cities, industrial interconnects and other fields.

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