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Exhibitor Name:深圳市科恩瑟尔电池有限公司

English Name:Shenzhen CoinCell Battery Co., Ltd.

Booth Number:3C31

Company Address:广东省 深圳市 龙华区 大浪街道华荣路龙兴商业大厦508

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Company Introduction:深圳市科恩瑟尔电池有限公司成立于2018年,是一家专业的研发、生产和销售高性能锂离子电池核心产品的综合性电池解决方案公司。公司以微型锂离子电池为主,包括扣式,针式等微型可充电锂离子电池,以及针对特殊应用的超薄,超小,超高倍率,超高温等电池解决方案。为配合工业物联网发展,公司也提供各种监测设备用电池以及应对各种危险和爆炸环境下的高安全防护的产品。

English Introduction:Founded in 2018, Shenzhen CoinCell Battery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive battery solution company specializing in R & D, production, and sales of high-performance lithium-ion battery core products. We mainly focus on micro lithium-ion batteries, including button type, needle type and other micro rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, as well as ultra-thin, ultra-small, ultra-high rate, ultra-high temperature, and other battery solutions for special applications.In order to cooperate with the development of industrial Internet of things, we also provide batteries for various monitoring equipment and high safety protection products for various dangerous and explosive environments.

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