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Exhibitor Name:北京瑞德艾迪科技有限公司

English Name:Beijing Readid technology Co., Ltd

Booth Number:3A106

Company Address:北京市海淀区西三环北路87号14层1-1401-99

Company Website:

Company Introduction:公司特别专注于900M、2.4G小型一体化读卡器、天线、900MHz无源卡、2.4GHz有源卡的研发和生产,可提供包含软硬件的整套系统解决方案。我公司远距离读卡器类产品与国内同类产品相比体积小,读卡距离远,抗干扰能力强,同时配合不同标签,在远距离停车场方面非常好的解决了各类汽车车膜对于信号的衰减难题。我公司产品也广泛应用在包括物流管理、人员管理、资产管理、仓储管理等重要领域。

English Introduction:Our company specially focuses on the small integrated reader, antenna, 900MHz passive card, 2.4GHz active card development and production. We can provide both hardware and software system solutions. Our long-range readers have various advantages: smaller size compared to competitive products, much longer reading distance, better anti-interference performance. According to the problem of vehicle signal attenuation membrane, we provide effective solution by using long-distance readers matching different types of cards. Our products can also be widely used in logistics management, person management, asset management, and warehouse management etc.

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