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Exhibitor Name:深圳市销邦科技股份有限公司

English Name:Shenzhen Supoin Technology Corp.

Booth Number:3A73

Company Address:深圳市福田区深南大道6025号英龙大厦26楼

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Company Introduction:销邦科技——物联网移动应用服务商!从条码扫描器到工业手持终端、RFID读写设备及商用智能AP,从嵌入式软件开发到移动信息化系统实施,销邦构建了完整的移动物联网生态系统。扎根本土,服务全球,业务遍布于国内十余个核心城市及欧洲、东南亚、中东等地,服务于全球5000多家公司和组织,横跨时尚、零售、制造、物流、医疗、金融、政府公用和交通等领域。未来,销邦将通过系统的技术革新,持续为物联网行业带来新的变革。

English Introduction:Shenzhen Supoin Technology Corp., is an industrially leading company engaged in provision of automatic identification products, IOT mobile products and enterprise mobile application service. Established in 2006 and headquartered in Futian District, Shenzhen. Supoin focus on automatic barcode identification devices (mobile intelligent terminal, wired/wireless barcode scanner) and solutions of industrial application software. Supoin has obtained over 70 patents and software copyrights to date . In addition, the Company has been given the titles of National Hi-Tech Enterprise, National Software Enterprise and TF50, etc.

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