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Exhibitor Name:上海启奈信息科技有限公司

English Name:SIMBOSS

Booth Number:3C110

Company Address:浙江省杭州市西湖区双龙街西投创智中心3号楼5层

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Company Introduction:SIMBOSS(芯博士)是浙江企朋网络旗下深耕物联网行业的品牌,致力于让万物互联更简单。 通过4G/5G CPE+SaaS服务+大数据分析将运营商的网络通信能力整合成物联网信息通路解决方案,为广大用户提供低成本、高便捷的物联网通信服务。其服务可应用在线下门店、新零售、车联网、安防监控、智能终端和通用设备等领域,已服务Manner咖啡、Coco都可、正新鸡排、宝珠酸奶、mamain母婴室等品牌客户。

English Introduction:Founded in 2016, SIMBOSS is a star brand of Zhejiang Qipeng Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to making the Internet of things easier. SIMBOSS integrates the network communication capabilities of operators through cloud computing and data management technology into the Internet of things information path solution, providing users with low-cost, high convenience IOT network card services. Internet of things, 5g, artificial intelligence, all of these hot tags are closely related to the Internet of things industry and industry. We have entered the Internet of things connection management and service field since 2016. For three years, we have been building a reputation by providing stable products and high-quality services for customers from all walks of life. At present, more than ten thousand enterprises and customers have chosen SIMBOSS.

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